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Hey! I'm Iftekhar Khalid

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Here’s My Story

I am a PhD (Cultural, Social, and Political Thought) student at the University of Lethbridge (U of L), Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I completed a Master of Arts in English from the Department of English, U of L, in January 2023 under the supervision of Professor Daniel Paul ODonnell, who is also my PhD supervisor.

As  a partial requirement of my MA in English program, I wrote a thesis on the History of English in Bangladesh that intersects with language history, political history, cultural theories, and politics.

As a research student, I have been working at the Journal Incubator in various roles, such as section editor, copy editor, and layout editor. I am also volunteering as a Transcriber for the Canterbury Tales Project

​I have an interdisciplinary educational background. I studied literature, language, information technology, and business as well.

Currently Studying

English Language History

Artificial Intelligence

Open Education Resources

Cultural Theories

Political Thoughts

Historical Research 

Computing Technology

Skills & Interests


Textual Editing

Video and Audio Editing


Ready to Connect

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